The Tennessee Nashville Mission

The Tennessee Nashville Mission
April 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We were invited to Fairview to sing at Nature Fest.  We brought 16 of our finest to sing from the Madison area.  Elder Alarcon was so good to organize the missionaries and the music.  We picked them up in Madison and drove to Fairview and hour away.  When we got there, we learned that we had been given the performing time.  We weren't singing at 11:30, but 1:30.  We went down to the booth that the Fairview branch had set up and got everyone hooked up with surveys to have people at the fair fill out.  We took some too.  It was a challenge to get anyone to fill it out for us.  We finally got one guy who said he would.  He was there with a booth for the Chevy dealership and we started talking about cars, specifically Cameros and Corvettes.  He was very nice.  Here's hoping that the missionaries will be able to meet with him and his family.  We didn't have a large audience, in fact there were President Andersen and I and maybe 3 others.  Oh well, it was a great day with the missionaries and we live and learn.

Elder Sandlin and Elder Green

Elder Peery and Elder Adams

Elder Alarcon, Elder Jimenez, Elder Womack, Elder Spiker,  and Elder Moeller

Elder Alarcon and President Andersen

Elder Hohneke, Elder Black, Sister Dansie, and Sister Cruz

Elder Hohneke, Elder Black, and Elder Moss

Sister West, Sister Penrod, Sister Williams, and Sister Rawlings

Elder Black, Elder Hill, and Elder Nimmer

Elder Alarcon

Our missionary choir singing at Nature Fest in Fairview September 13, 2014

 What a surprise to receive a text from our dear friends Seth and Amy Christensen with this picture of them with our sweet sister Natalie Johnson.  She spoke in her home ward today as a returned missionary, and it just happens to the Christensen's home ward too.  They moved in while she was here.  It made us so happy to see them together.
From left to right: Amy Christensen, Seth Christensen, and Natalie Johnson

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