The Tennessee Nashville Mission

The Tennessee Nashville Mission
April 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I have been so worried that I had lost these videos.  I found them tonight on my phone and decided that I would hurry and post them so that I will have them forever.  This is Elder Roger Rodak.  He work as a Secret Service Agent and protected several Presidents of the United States.  He is able to take down these young missionaries before they even know whats happened.  He will be a hero of ours forever.  We sure do love and miss him and his dear wife here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  Here's to you Elder Rodak!!

For some reason I can not get this second video to turn due to my inexperience.  This is Elder Byington"s happy dance!  He is giving a lesson and some of his students get it more quickly than others.  He used to do this at random times, like after he knocked on the door while waiting for us to answer.  Now that he is gone, we are grateful that we have these memories and videos of him.  What a great guy!  

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