The Tennessee Nashville Mission

The Tennessee Nashville Mission
April 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

On September 16, we had a wonderful senior out on the General Jackson, a river boat that runs the Cumberland river.  They have a lovely buffet lunch and a really nice musical show.  We had all of our senior couples there and had such a nice time.  We surly appreciate the work that these wonderful couples do in our mission.  They work tirelessly to bring less actives back into activity, find employment for those without jobs, take care of all of our cars, apartments and utilities, referrals, mail, and drive missionaries all over the place.  They help them with meals, laundry, counseling, companionship issues, investigator problems and concerns, and are just a wonderful substitute for parents and grandparents.  We are so grateful that they would leave their homes, pets, children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, friends, hobbies, and wards to come out here and build the kingdom of God here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  We LOVE them all so much!  
President and Sister Andersen

President Andersen, Sister Godfrey, Elder and Sister Johnson

President Andersen

Elder and Sister Bird

Elder and Sister Hansen

Elder and Sister Huntzinger

Elder and Sister Bolos

Elder and Sister Johnson

Elder and Sister Aina

Elder and Sister Fattic

Sister Crawford and Sister Dunn

Elder and Sister Dunn

Sister Godfrey and Sister Johnson

President Andersen

President and Sister Andersen

Sunday, September 14, 2014

These are some of our beautiful sisters from the Paducah and Hopkinsville Zones.  We had such a great conference with them.  

I make this great missionary a nice meal...and this is what he does to it before he can eat it!!  I'm thinking his mom must make a lot of casseroles. We love elder Fore

We were invited to Fairview to sing at Nature Fest.  We brought 16 of our finest to sing from the Madison area.  Elder Alarcon was so good to organize the missionaries and the music.  We picked them up in Madison and drove to Fairview and hour away.  When we got there, we learned that we had been given the performing time.  We weren't singing at 11:30, but 1:30.  We went down to the booth that the Fairview branch had set up and got everyone hooked up with surveys to have people at the fair fill out.  We took some too.  It was a challenge to get anyone to fill it out for us.  We finally got one guy who said he would.  He was there with a booth for the Chevy dealership and we started talking about cars, specifically Cameros and Corvettes.  He was very nice.  Here's hoping that the missionaries will be able to meet with him and his family.  We didn't have a large audience, in fact there were President Andersen and I and maybe 3 others.  Oh well, it was a great day with the missionaries and we live and learn.

Elder Sandlin and Elder Green

Elder Peery and Elder Adams

Elder Alarcon, Elder Jimenez, Elder Womack, Elder Spiker,  and Elder Moeller

Elder Alarcon and President Andersen

Elder Hohneke, Elder Black, Sister Dansie, and Sister Cruz

Elder Hohneke, Elder Black, and Elder Moss

Sister West, Sister Penrod, Sister Williams, and Sister Rawlings

Elder Black, Elder Hill, and Elder Nimmer

Elder Alarcon

Our missionary choir singing at Nature Fest in Fairview September 13, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I have been so worried that I had lost these videos.  I found them tonight on my phone and decided that I would hurry and post them so that I will have them forever.  This is Elder Roger Rodak.  He work as a Secret Service Agent and protected several Presidents of the United States.  He is able to take down these young missionaries before they even know whats happened.  He will be a hero of ours forever.  We sure do love and miss him and his dear wife here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  Here's to you Elder Rodak!!

For some reason I can not get this second video to turn due to my inexperience.  This is Elder Byington"s happy dance!  He is giving a lesson and some of his students get it more quickly than others.  He used to do this at random times, like after he knocked on the door while waiting for us to answer.  Now that he is gone, we are grateful that we have these memories and videos of him.  What a great guy!