The Tennessee Nashville Mission

The Tennessee Nashville Mission
April 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today we had a celebration!  We have a new assistant to the President, Elder Fore.  We are so thrilled to have him serve in this capacity.  He is a great missionary, with great teaching and training skills.  The down side to all of this is that the need arrises for a new assistant because elder Tagaloa is going to be leaving us this week.  He has served an outstanding mission and has served so faithfully as an assistant these past months.  We love him and are going to miss him so very much.  What a blessing he has been in our life.  
Sister Romero came to church today for the first time in 13 years.  She was baptized a member at age 13 but has been less active for most of her life.  She doesn't have a home right now and is living at the park in her car with her dog Angel.  She has a beautiful spirit and is working towards getting a place to live real soon.  I wish we could keep her here but it was delightful to have her with us for a meal.  She had many stories to share and lots of questions about the gospel.  As you can see, she was surrounded by expert teachers.  We are so impressed with her courage.  She just came to church this morning because she met someone at the park yesterday who said he was a Mormon.  This sparked something in her, and she said I am too, I think I'll go to church tomorrow.  The plan was that she would meet this new friend there.  He didn't show up, but she did.  We met in the Gospel Essentials Class, and just loved her.

Left to right: Joe Booker, Elder Lovell, Elder Fore, Sister Linda Rose Romero, Elder Tagaloa, and Elder Steiner

Left to right: Elder Tagaloa, Elder Steiner, President Andersen, Joe Booker, Elder Lovell, and our newest assistant Elder Fore

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